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Coaching By Nick McLean

More Than 92% Clients Have Doubled  Their Revenue And Agent Count In First Year.

Results That
Exceed Expectations

2x Revenue Growth

More than 92% of Clients have seen an increase of 2X in their Business Revenue within a Year.

Double Agent Count.

By using my “Squadron Team Model” Clients have doubled their agent count in the first year.

Strategic Focus

Successful people create action plans that lead to success, which makes them different from others.

Increase their leadership effectiveness

Manage your team better. 93% clients saw increase in their team productivity.

Process Automation

Sales Process, Follow Back Process, Hiring Process, and Workflow Automation System.

How My
Process Work

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I’ll vouch for Nick McLean if anyone is on the fence about this. I believe he is philosophically on top of his game more than anyone I follow currently. My agents and I have grown from his input. Do it.
Tad Fulford
Tad Fulford

What clients are saying

Nick Mclean is the go to person when it comes to building a successful real estate team. Nick is one of the few out there that has actually done it himself. Nick has built a very profitable and successful real estate team, many of the top teams in the country aspire to become. I would highly recommend Nick and his online course!
Chad Schwendeman
Chad Schwendeman
We took the listing course, it was all around terrific!
Curtis Counts
Curtis Counts
Nick McLean is a great resource for real estate information and the real deal. I’ve seen Nick build his team from the ground up with a huge focus on profitability. Nick is not just one of those guys that “theoretically” tells you what to do – he’s actually done it. I trust Nick often and turn to his systems and ideas to make my team run more efficiently and grow. Thanks for all the help Nick!
Lance Kenmore
Lance Kenmore
Nick, your presentation was pure gold. It's actionable knowledge from Titans like you that makes BoomTown UNITE such a special event every year. Thanks for giving back to the community that we are so proud to serve.
Grier Allen
Grier Allen