About Nick McLean

Nick Mclean is the creator of the “Squadron Team Model,” Nick’s team sells over 500 homes with $250 million in sales volume per year.

About Me

Nick McLean has a dedicated focus on training agents each morning as the number one lever for the growth of the organization. He focuses all action to maximize freedom so that his agents, as well as himself, can benefit from having the free time to dedicate to what they love. In Mr. In McLean’s case, it’s being a dedicated father, husband, and mountain bike rider.

Nick McLean Real Estate was founded in 2012 in Wenatchee, WA, serving a population of under 100,000 people.

As the creator of the “Squadron Team Model,” Mr. McLean’s team sells over 500 homes with $250 million in sales volume per year.

Nick McLean Real Estate has been recognized multiple times by Real Trends Top 250 Teams, as well as Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies. He also owns and operates a profitable property management company and personally owns real estate rental properties that produce over eight figures in rental income.

Recognized Real Estate Coach

Nick McLean has been featured in INC 500, Wall Street Journal, Real Trends & Cheplak Live Coaching.

Boeing 747 Flight Crewmember

Nick McLean has been Flight Crewmember for Boeing 747.

Competitive XC Mountain Bike Racer

Biking has always been a major part of my life, and I have participated in competitive XC Mountain Biking.

Real Estate Firm Owner

Nick McLean Real Estate Company operates a team with over 20% of the local market share.